Quotes from students, parents and group leaders

‘He came back on Friday and told us that learning was so different in UK and he really enjoyed the environment, campuses, tours, classes, fellow students and the fantastic people from KE. I think this is going to be a life-long memorable experience for him. He has also broadened his horizons, got new inspirations and this will definitely help him prepare himself better to face the challenges of the changing world… Definitely, we would be happy to recommend Kingdom Education to our friends and relatives who are interested in sending their children for an overseas learning experience.’

Parents, Macau

‘The summer programme by Kingdom Education is excellent. It is professional from logistic arrangement to curriculum design.’

JM, Group Leader, Hong Kong

‘In those 3 weeks, besides having tons of fun and making lots of friends, I really learned a lot (not going to list them out or else this email will be 2 pages long) from many different people and most importantly experienced things that would not have been possible to experience had I decided to join a normal summer program. I realised that the experience I gained not only aided me in my understanding and appreciation of UK college life but also provided me valuable lifelong memories.’

EC, Taiwan

‘…an incredibly enriching place along with amazing time and positive experience. He not only learned new skills, and met new people, but his confidence soared and he is looking forward to another summer of challenge in 2015!… J also reminded us to thank the “great KE Team” for making everything so smooth and professional from the time of his arrival until his departure.’

Parents, Macau

‘K had a wonderful time, learning about UK culture, visiting various universities that she is interested in applying to, and taking engineering classes. We are most happy to know that K made many good friends and that her confidence grew through the program. Thank you for giving K an excellent opportunity to prepare her for university in UK and for making the future direction clearer to her this summer.’

Parents of international school student, Japan