10-point difference

The Kingdom Education 10-point difference

What’s different about Kingdom Education? We’ve summarised the difference in these ten points:


We have an atmosphere in which bright students can interact purposefully with other bright students, sharing ideas and aspirations. _________ _________ _________ _________ _________


You can experience campus life at some of the most famous universities in one of five English-speaking countries: the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. _________ ____________________


You have the opportunity to take 2-centre or 3-centre programmes in order to see more aspects of the country visited.


You’ll be introduced to university study in a choice of academic subjects (creative arts; economics, business & entrepreneurship; engineering & technology; law, society & international relations; medical sciences & psychology).


Under ‘Skills for learning’, you have a choice between: critical thinking; preparation for SAT and ACT (USA only); English for academic purposes (UK only); communication skills with TOEFL (USA only) or IELTS (in other countries).


On many of our programmes, you can take a challenging and exciting course in leadership skills.


We arrange carefully planned study visits to leading universities as well as to major cultural attractions.


You can take part in activities typical of the country visited (e.g. golf, cricket, baseball).


You’ll be accompanied and tutored by a carefully-selected local mentors.


We expect a positive and participatory approach on the part of all our students, group leaders and staff.