Creative writing & journalism

If you have a good level of written English – and enjoy writing in English – you’ll really benefit from this introduction to different styles of writing, suitable for a variety of contexts. This may be the first step on your path to success as a writer – or at least on your path to writing well.


The nature of language

You start by finding out about the insights which the science of linguistics has given us into language and the ways in which it is used.


Literary styles

Taking a selected number of texts, you’ll be looking at the ways in which some of the greatest writers in English have used the language to the best possible effect.


Writing in different styles

Now you’ll be working on expressing your own ideas in various styles and for various purposes.



Here you’ll be developing your imaginative powers and turning great ideas into great pieces of writing.


Poetry and drama

Having looked at some great examples of both literary forms, you’ll be making your choice and writing one or the other.


Great journalism

Here you’ll be looking at some great pieces of journalism, contemporary and historical, identifying some key principles and considering what makes it great.


The practice of journalism

You’ll be working on writing some short articles suitable for different types of publication.


Writing to present

Finally, you’ll be doing some writing which you can present to your fellow students at the end of the course. How will you attract their attention, and how will you keep them interested?