Leadership training and development

This course is for you if you feel that you have the potential to be a leader – or perhaps if others feel it, but you haven’t noticed it yet. We’ll show you some of the skills that you need, and how you can develop these, even if you’re not full of self-confidence just yet. By the end of the course, you’ll notice the difference!

Leadership and management

You’ll start by considering the variety of leadership roles people take on, and look at the link with management – which is not the same as leadership, though there are important connections.


Personality types

Here you’ll find out more about the way personality types are classified, and the implications of these for leadership – and the perhaps surprising fact that many different types of person can succeed in certain leadership roles.


Leadership styles

Through a study of some of the great leaders of the past, you’ll identify different styles, and see how people have used their talents and circumstances to achieve prominence and success.


Leadership and teamwork

Leadership implies working with others. What are the skills you need to create, and be part of, a great team?


Persuasion and negotiation

If people are to follow your lead you need to get them on your side. But sometimes you have to compromise, and even admit that you may be wrong. How do you do this and still retain authority?


Public speaking

Leaders often have to stand up and explain what they do. Can you talk about your role clearly, confidently – and perhaps even entertainingly?


Project 1

In pairs or small teams, you’ll be given a project to work on – one will lead, the others will follow. How will you get on? (There is an art to being led as well as to leading!)


Project 2

Now the roles are reversed. Will this make a difference to what you achieve?

The course concludes with a debate, in which everyone is encouraged to prepare and take a role.