Kingdom Education programmes are designed for high school students. They will help you to develop the skills and knowledge which you need to make good applications to top universities.

The programmes include courses and our special features, ‘Skills for living’.

We have programmes for two age groups: 14-16 and 16-18. But both age groups enjoy the same varied and stimulating programme, with the same course options. We do change the detail of the courses to suit your age group, but the biggest difference is this:

  • If you’re 16-18, you’ll be thinking very hard about your choices at university, and we’ll help you to think more clearly about those choices.
  • If you’re 14-16, you may be thinking more about the choices which you might make at 16 – university is a little further down the track; and so we help you to see the implications which choices for 16+ might have for your university career in the future.

We do want to remind you that all these programmes are quite intensive, suitable if you have a genuine interest in academic life.  They are also very varied and very enjoyable, but if you’re really looking for what we call ‘summer fun’ programmes, with very little academic content, you should probably consider other options!  We ask you to sign our application form, as well as your parents, because we hope that you will only come if you want to come as well!


The content of our programmes varies a little from country to country and from centre to centre, but we include the following on all of them:

  • Campus or college accommodation, usually in single or twin rooms, occasionally in triple rooms (male and female students are accommodated in separate buildings, or, if in one building, on separate floors or separate wings; if bathrooms are shared, male students and female students have separate bathrooms, and bathrooms are not shared with staff)
  • Main meal (usually dinner) and breakfast each day (choices can be made for nearly all meals; vegetarian options are available at all times; other special diets may be catered for on request)
  • One formal dinner (all countries); and one traditional afternoon tea (UK) or barbecue (other countries)
  • All tuition and materials as specified
  • All activities and study visits as specified
  • Transfers to and from airports as specified
  • Insurance cover as specified

We also have detailed sample timetables to show how the programmes work.