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Terms and conditions

Your signature on the application form confirms that you accept these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully before you send the form.

We ask for the full payment of all fees when we confirm acceptance onto a programme.  The enrolment is only finalised when we receive the full payment of all fees.

Payments, by bank transfer or by card, are generally made through Flywire, an established company providing currency transfers. Flywire will give you the opportunity to make payments in your own currency by bank transfer, credit card or debit card – and it’s guaranteed that this will be at the lowest cost to you. Full details are provided when the booking is confirmed.

Alternative methods are available upon request.

If you have to cancel your booking, please inform us as soon as possible. We make refunds as follows:

  • More than three months before arrival – all fees are re-imbursed, less a 15% cancellation fee;
  • Less than three months, but more than one month before arrival – all fees are reimbursed, less a 30% cancellation fee;
  • Less than one month before arrival – no refund.

If your application for a visa to study with KE is rejected, we will refund all fees paid, less our bank charges, provided we are notified at least two months before the intended start of the programme. We ask you to show us the letter from the embassy rejecting the visa application. If KE should have to decline or cancel the booking for any reason, all fees would be refunded.

If you cancel, and we make a refund, we deduct our bank fees from the amount refunded, and we do not take account of any variations in exchange rates.

Care should be taken when enrolling and selecting courses to ensure that students’ level of English and general academic background are at an appropriate level (we are pleased to provide extra guidance if there is any doubt). If students are unable to cope after arrival with certain aspects of the programme because their English is not of a high enough level, we reserve the right to provide alternative classes and activities which will be more appropriate.

KE reserves the right to change or cancel programmes or courses without prior notice in the event of low numbers or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

All sports/activities/study visits are carefully supervised, but are undertaken at students’ own risk. If you do not wish your child to participate in any particular sporting or other activity, please advise on our application form.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that students have a valid passport and to arrange a visa, if required. It is also the responsibility of parents to ensure that correct documentation is carried and produced for immigration checks. KE cannot accept any responsibility for students who are denied entry, for any reason, to the country where the programme is taking place.

What to bring: a full list will be sent to you with confirmation of enrolment.

On arrival at their first study centre, students are asked to hand in passports and all cash for safekeeping. We recommend £75 / USD125  per week or equivalent to cover lunches and incidental expenses (personal laundry, postcards, stamps, drinks, souvenirs) + £50 / USD100 damage deposit. Please bring cash in small denominations.

Pocket money can be taken out at stated times.

Students may wish to bring their own laptop – it will be useful, though particular care must be taken to ensure it isn’t damaged or lost. We recommend that insurance policies are checked to see whether laptops are covered. There is some public access to computers at all centres.

Otherwise, we strongly recommend that students do not bring unnecessary valuables with them. Any valuables must be locked away in lockers or suitcases or handed to the centre office. Any student found with unsuitable items will have to hand them in to the centre office until departure.

Students are asked to telephone home on arrival, and our staff will assist students in making these calls.  Internet access is available at all centres. KE emergency contact details will be sent with confirmation of booking.

An insurance policy covering medical costs and loss of possessions in certain circumstances is included with the fees. The detail of the cover varies from country to country. Please contact KE for more information. You may wish to take out your own policy for more extensive cover.

Arrangements are made with a local medical practice for the treatment of our students, should it be necessary, in each locality in which we are based for periods of one week or more. In the case of illness or injury, KE will follow the advice of the attending doctor unless advised otherwise by the parent/guardian. In the event of a medical emergency, students would be taken immediately to the nearest Accident and Emergency services.

Students may be charged for a consultation with a doctor. Receipts should be kept and insurance claims may be made later. A certain amount (the ‘excess’) is usually deducted from all claims.

KE staff do not provide students with any medication, even for very mild conditions like sore throats and headaches. We will instead advise students where they can buy medication, but recommend that students contact parents first. If we are concerned about a student’s wellbeing, we will contact parents in any case.

In order that all our students can benefit fully from the programmes, we do have certain rules, and it is a condition of enrolment that students agree to follow these.

Any students breaking the law of the land or persisting in serious anti-social behaviour will be disciplined. In serious cases, students may be sent home at parents’ expense with no refund of fees.

This may occur even if the student’s unacceptable behaviour may be the result of medical conditions, if we were not fully informed of these in advance, and if that behaviour is having a serious, negative impact on other students.

In the event of suspected theft, we reserve the right to search students’ rooms and belongings.

Students are responsible for any damage they may cause, and will have to pay the full cost of replacement or repair.

A damage deposit of £50 / USD100 will be kept by the centre office and returned in full at the end of the programme provided no damage is caused and no keys are lost.

At all centres, bed linen is supplied and laundered once a week.  Bath towels are also provided. In the United States, students are generally responsible for making up their own beds; in other countries, this is generally done by the housekeeping staff.

Students are responsible for doing their own personal laundry, for which a small charge is usually made.  Our staff will provide assistance.

KE does not accept responsibility for: loss or damage to any property belonging to students; injury or loss of life to any participant; loss or expenses due to delays or changes in air, rail, sea or other services, weather, quarantine, sickness, strikes or any other cause.

We do not accept liability for theft or loss of money/valuables in our safekeeping or in any other locations.

i. In signing our application form, you are agreeing to the specific terms and conditions set out in our privacy policy.

ii. We take photographs and videos during our programmes which we may use for promotional purposes. We will ask you later to confirm whether you are happy for us to do this or if you do not wish your son/daughter to appear in any promotional material.

iii. Unless you advise us to the contrary, in applying for a programme, you are thereby authorising KE to liaise directly with your son/daughter if appropriate. We do not pass on any contact details to any third parties without your authorisation.

iv. If students are enrolling through an agent, the agent’s terms of contract may apply, but we reserve the right to apply our own Terms.

v. We reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable action we think appropriate should a situation arise which is not covered by these Terms.

Students taking this course are introduced to simple, non-invasive medical tests, such as taking blood pressure and using a stethoscope, which can be conducted in public. Male students test male students, female students test female students. The teacher may also test students, or demonstrate procedures on students, but only with their consent and in the presence of the whole class. In choosing the medicine course, parents are consenting to these processes taking place unless they inform us otherwise. Students may themselves choose at any time not to take part in certain procedures if they prefer. Because students are not experienced in these procedures, they may sometimes appear to discover irregularities (e.g. in blood pressure) where none exist; these are not pursued unless symptoms are present, though any student feeling concerned should consult a doctor on returning home.